What’s for dinner this week: sugar/gluten free

Someone recently requested more information on what I’m eating while I’m on this sugar/gluten/mold free diet for the next few weeks. Luckily I don’t have to be 100% strict about this, though that is the goal. Here is the plan for this week (many recipes will be modified)…


Brown rice bowls with grilled shrimp, mangos, and avacado
Hawaiian kalua pig, roasted squash, sauteed spinach with garlic
Gluten-free cavatini pasta (a la pizza hut circa 1992)
GF free fish sticks and fries
Smoked salmon blinis made with buckwheat
Buckwheat crepes with artichoke pesto, grilled chicken, spinach, lemon 


Quinoa salad with feta and cherry tomatoes
Brown rice salad with kale and dried apricots 
Tomato soup with GF quesadillas
Chicken salad 


Steel-cut oats with fresh fruit 
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms, onions, and ham
Breakfast wrap with spinach, eggs, tomato sauce, feta
Yogurt smoothies with fresh fruit 
Pumpkin muffins 


Cashews and popcorn
Grapes, apples, etc
Carrots, red peppers, peas, jicima with yogurt dip or hummus
GF crackers with cream cheese, pesto &/or salame 
GF peanut butter brownies
GF cranberry walnut bread 

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